Makansutra Ph

As you may have sniffed out on local social media channels, the cat is out of the bag, I guess. If you know me, you'll know this is a big deal for me: after years of mucking about in the food scene as a writer for magazines; via attempting (and still attempting!) to put together a semblance of a blog; cooking and conceptualizing pop-ups and these infamous guerilla dinners; acting as consultant; documenting everything on Instagram; conducting food tours; and curating events (because every event now needs a curator!😂), I finally jumped into the crazy void of the one place I said I'd never go -- the restaurant world. I've managed to avoid this for so why now? Simply put - apart from obvious reasons - I jumped because it seemed like a project that was very inclusive and one that came from a place with heart. Not only will #MakansutraPH do its best to welcome you and feed you delicious food at fair prices, it will attempt to open doors, and inspire and empower people to go for their dreams as well. It took forever to build this, and the road was and still is filled with challenges. But it's been a journey filled with beautiful intentions and dare I say even one born out of love. I've been a bit scared of revealing that I'm a part of this, but I've decided to embrace it. After all, it's all coming from a place of goodness and of grace. ;) I do hope you can come visit us when we're open and running! We'd love to have you over. We'll make sure the food is shiok (delicious!), and the vibe full of energy and fun! MAKANSUTRA PH - Coming very soon. #SMMegamall

 — at SM Megamall.