I am eclectic. I have horrible wanderlust. I love to share things. I love good company, and I think laughter is great medicine.

I enjoy good food, not necessarily the fancy stuff, but the ones that tell me it was made with care. It’s even better when shared with company that means much to you, or strangers who have good things to say, or lessons to learn from.

I am entranced by the alchemy of the kitchen – the combination of aromas, the energy, the chemical reactions that make taste explosions.

I enjoy weaving thoughts and tales to paper, or however it means these days to write. Almost often it will be something positive, or stirring, something that hopefully help lighten burdens.

I love the thrill of discovering a new tune, a new band, a new sound. I love it most when it’s unexpected. I love it if it makes my head bop, or make me dance in a corner, headphones thumping, lost in it’s beat.

I am attracted to places that tell me stories – good ones, ones that teach, or ones that tell of bygone days – simple and insightful.

I still look for the smells of opening a new book, and can easily get lost in its pages. It may mean adventure, or journeys unplanned, or inspiration.

I am drawn to things designed thoughtfully, to snapshots and stills, to things push aesthetics to new directions.

I champion anything from my country – because in my heart I know we are meant for greater heights.

I jones for many things. What are you jonesing for?

JJ Yulo – food creative/writer/founder Just Jonesing & Pinoy Eats World

at Wrong Ramen

at Wrong Ramen