I started this small group called Pinoy Eats World -- and we're all about spreading food culture in ways that are educational, entertaining, slightly irreverent, and always fun: We do tours centered on food, "guerilla dinners", themed dinners, and a little menu consultation as well. We believe in the power of community, of cooperation, and exchange of ideas. We're always on the lookout for like-minded people who share our passion for both food, and for sharing knowledge. We infuse our work with our other passions: design, music, and art. We're all about spreading love through breaking bread together, about cooking honest food, and sending good vibes into the universe. Come eat with us!

"PINOY EATS WORLD (PEW) is a company dedicated to food culture. Through our various products, we aim to give you an interesting, slightly irreverent, and always delicious look at the world of food in the Philippines and beyond. We'll take you to funky little places, cook for you, eat with you, learn alongside you, and happily shout to the world about all the culinary wonders our country has to offer. As we always say - KAIN TAYO (COME EAT WITH US!)

FOOD TOURS is how we started this company to begin with. We take people to Pampanga, Hong Kong, and Turkey, with many other local and international food trips on the way. The approach is simple --- to showcase the destination through our eyes (and taste buds!). We encourage making new friends, interacting and exchanging ideas, and of course sharing meals together. Always fun, always tasty!

GUERILLA DINNERS are total surprises for all those who sign up. We give you a time and a place to meet, and then take care of the rest - from the food, to the venue, music and everything else in between - whatever our imaginations can conjure up, be it a multi-course tasting menu, to a full on dessert flight worthy of the loftiest of sugar highs. If you're looking for something different to do, this may just be the ticket.

THEME DINNERS are more straightforward -- the Pinoy Eats World kitchen crew think of something to make, and send a shout out to whoever is interested. We've done Steak Night, Veggie Night, even Burger Nights! Casual, let your hair down events for those who just want some simple and solid food.

{f.}+ART DINNERS are where we twist the concepts of food with our other passions: art, photography, music, and the like. Often with a hands on component, {f.}+ART DINNERS not only feed your tummy, but expand your mind too --- and at the end of the day, it's all really good, clean fun! Definitely not to be missed!"


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