Makansutra Ph

As you may have sniffed out on local social media channels, the cat is out of the bag, I guess. If you know me, you'll know this is a big deal for me: after years of mucking about in the food scene as a writer for magazines; via attempting (and still attempting!) to put together a semblance of a blog; cooking and conceptualizing pop-ups and these infamous guerilla dinners; acting as consultant; documenting everything on Instagram; conducting food tours; and curating events (because every event now needs a curator!😂), I finally jumped into the crazy void of the one place I said I'd never go -- the restaurant world. I've managed to avoid this for so why now? Simply put - apart from obvious reasons - I jumped because it seemed like a project that was very inclusive and one that came from a place with heart. Not only will #MakansutraPH do its best to welcome you and feed you delicious food at fair prices, it will attempt to open doors, and inspire and empower people to go for their dreams as well. It took forever to build this, and the road was and still is filled with challenges. But it's been a journey filled with beautiful intentions and dare I say even one born out of love. I've been a bit scared of revealing that I'm a part of this, but I've decided to embrace it. After all, it's all coming from a place of goodness and of grace. ;) I do hope you can come visit us when we're open and running! We'd love to have you over. We'll make sure the food is shiok (delicious!), and the vibe full of energy and fun! MAKANSUTRA PH - Coming very soon. #SMMegamall

 — at SM Megamall.



I would just like to commend the #AmberGoldenChainOfRestaurants for their contribution to the Manila culinary landscape and for making office/children's/barkada parties more memorable and carb filled.🤘🏼 Long live sweet spaghetti - sometimes you just gotta have some! (Best with chili oil!)

Green Pastures Breakfast

Hey it's virgin, ok??😂 I respect Monday mornings! But I'm keeping it spicy..

Monday bloody Monday...

Monday bloody Monday...

I don't know how many of you are aware of this (because I didn't know about it until recently), but #GreenPasturesBGC serves a really delicious breakfast! This "arroz caldo" of quinoa, adlai, oats and brown rice with smoked chicken and mushrooms is a really nutritious and healthful way to start the day! (The best part? It won't break the bank..always a plus! This can be shared, btw!) Well done!

Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo

They call this "custard eggs" ... I call these "Sunday eggs", mainly because they take a long time to make. But if your eggs are super fresh and you do this right (like this one here) it's the BEST.

Custard Eggs

Custard Eggs

Pancake lovers --- this is something worth sniffing out. Lemon ricotta pancakes (I'm going to assume the ricotta is house made, just like all the other cheeses they serve) - fluffy and light, served with whipped butter, lemon curd, and honey caramel syrup. This is ace!

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Hey Handsome

This is Bebek Penyet from #HeyHandsome -- duck cooked forever then fried, and served with the most fragrant rice I've had in awhile and some spicy achar. Oh man.❤️ Thanks @queneevilar for plating me up some , and thanks for the hospitality, chef @niccosantos 🤘🏼

Yes, I'm back at #HeyHandsome even if they're not officially open.😜 This dish is now one of my favorite vegetarian dishes in Manila: beetroot curry, paneer, mushrooms, and yogurt with quinoa and a pappadum. Refreshing AND delicious! Hope this stays on the menu.

This is the #HeyHandsome version of that Malaysian classic - Nasi Lemak. Instead of the ubiquitous chicken, they use sea bass otah, with ikan bilis and an onsen egg. Best with lots of sambal! Yummeh!

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

The last piece of Cha Siu went to me - these pieces of Pork were brushed with iberico pork glaze, to give it unctuousness, and served with mushrooms, kailan, and an onsen egg. 🎉

Cha Siu

Cha Siu

Somewhere in there is Buah Keluak - a beautiful spicy goat stew on fragrant rice. Man. That stuff has soul. Well done, #HeyHandsome 🤘🏼 @handsomecome

Blah Keluak

Blah Keluak

Choto Matte

My low EQ strikes again -- I was hypnotized to order this at #ChottoMatte : Arogoshi Momo (peach sake) on the rocks. Talk about.... peachy.🍑 The other cocktails seem good toooooo! Must check it... welcome to the neighborhood!

This is a Blood & Hana - sake, shochu, pear juice, wasabi-horseradish,cucumber and daikon.

I love this: Aji Namerou - horse mackerel tartare, ginger, miso ... I wrapped it in nori and made a mini-taco. Oishi!!!

The slam dunk at the end: uni chazuke - uni on rice ... You swirl in some dashi broth and wasabi, and kill it.❤️

Ippudo + Satchmi

As if yesterday's ramen adventure wasn't enough - today I tried something new from #IppudoPH -- Hakata-style Nikusoba: thinly sliced meat and noodles in a deeply flavored broth, highly recommended with rice and an onsen egg. The meat itself is salty sweet - so I totally see local ramen fans lapping this up! Come see for yourself!🤘🏼 #JustJonesingPH @ippudoph — at SM Megamall.



I'm not really sure if anyone orders this, but they SHOULD. It's one of the best things on the #IppudoPH menu: Gyutan -- sizzling need tongue on leeks and served with yuzu kosho. Once again - the curious will be rewarded.😎 


After that bowl of ramen, I need me some coffee. I will go out on a limb and say this: the best coffee in the entire @smmegamall is at #Satchmi -- as trained by the good people of #EDSABeverageDesign ... It's my Fashion Mall go-to! ☕️ 

Coming soon at #Satchmi in #MegaFashionHall ❤️Music is always good with some ☕️ and 🍞#JustJonesingPH @satchmiteam — at Satchmi Store - Megamall.

The flavor of the moment but it's one I really like: salted egg ... on popcorn.🤘🏼

Salted egg flavoured popcorn 

Salted egg flavoured popcorn 




Montaditos Y Mas

Because our dinner plans failed tonight, some of my crew wound up here: the unlikeliest place to hang out in - a kind of secret spot with cold drinks, good grub and vibe:  Montaditos Y Mas over at Kapitolyo above Taco Vengo.❤️ It's something you have to find but will reward you with your persistence. It feels like you're in someone's cool looking living room - a place where you just want to let your hair down and chill.🤘🏼

This is Chelu, one of the partners behind #MontaditosyMas -- find him when you find the restaurant. He's the man with the plan.

These croquetas are quite imaginative - and they're also really delicious: octopus in squid ink on the left, and "chicken and egg" on the right. They're creamy and they pop in your mouth - the bechamel base was proper.

Gambas ala plancha - grilled shrimp, coarse salt and lemon. A must

This is a Montaditos -- Spanish for small sandwich. It's a roll stuffed with shrimp cooked in garlic, on top of celery and lettuce tossed in their special sauce. It makes for a tasty snack or as part of a selection to round out a meal.

A flavor packed 6 hour pork belly roast, amped up by a sauce using North African spice base ras al hanout. People should use this spice more - it's amazing!

Sometimes all you want to end your meal is a small sweet treat. These tiny churros fit the bill perfectly! I'm pretty sure many of you haven't gone hunting for this Pasig restaurant gem yet - it's truly worth seeking. Plop down on a chair, order some grub and a pitcher of white sangria, and engage in an activity sometimes lost in this day of digital communications: a good conversation. I'll definitely be back.

Oyasumi Ramen

So on this rainy day I was brought to this one year old neighborhood ramen joint along P. Guevarra called #OyasumiRamen - and it's fuuuuuuun! 

I had a bowl of XO ramen with dried scallops and chashu --- it so hit the spot!❤️ Noodles were firm, soup was rich but not overly so. 🍜


Tomato based ramen is another tasty spin 🍜


Today's ramen revelation - I coveted this bowl: Shio butter ramen with scallops and a killer clam broth base. Spicy, clean and "healthy" even. LOVE. 


Even gyoza was a winner.


If you don't finish your ramen broth, you can ask them to make it into this: cheese risotto.❤️

Meet the gents behind #OyasumiRamen -- Martin & Miguel Ledesma. They've take a very Japanese approach to their ramen: they just want to express themselves. Go pay em a visit, peeps - it's a fun joint and the food is great! 


Today's lunch crew at #OyasumiRamen ❤️ Thanks for taking us here @davidong 🍜