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Mandala Weekend market

If you're not doing anything next Saturday - c'mon over to this cool little spot along Shaw. I'm helping them put this together - the @mandalaparkph Weekend Market series. My simple idea? A laid back environment fueled by good food, backed up by sweet music and a sense of place. All you'll need is a sense of curiosity, a bit of an appetite, and the wanting for a good time. This Saturday, Sept 19, marks the first of the series, with a bunch of purveyors local to the area and also featuring my friend Basti Artadi and his band #BastiArtadiAndTheNiceOnes playing a set of jazz inflected tunes. A great way to start your Saturday, don't you think? I'm giving it my stamp of approval - please come and CHECK IT! It'll be fun! 😁

Earlier Event: February 26
Later Event: October 24
Mandala Park Weekend Market