Digital Walker's Best of 2015

So today I attended the event of ‪#‎DigitsTrading‬ - the company behind ‪#‎DigitalWalker‬ and ‪#‎BeyondTheBox‬ - where they unveiled their "Best of 2015" line of products. Undoubtedly there was a lot of cool stuff - but this mama stood out for me: the ‪#‎Marshall‬ Killburn Bluetooth speaker. It's beautiful -- vintage looking features are paired with modern sound technology. Wish I won it at the raffle, but alas..!😁 Thanks for having me over, @digitalwalkerph and @beyondtheboxph 😍

Now THAT is awesome loot bag swag! MARAMING SALAMI, @beyondtheboxph & @digitalwalkerph 🤘🏼🎉