South Border

Moseyed on down South again to #BFHomes to spot some new stuff... like this sliver of a joint called #WickedDogs serving -- you guessed it, guy -- all sorts of hotdogs. Sammies are on point indeed! I

From top to bottom, left to right: the wasabi dog (with katsuoboshi, nori and wasabi); the Tijuana bacon dog (bacon wrapped and topped with chili, cheese sauce, sriracha and an egg); the cachorro quente completo (weirdest combo but I LOVED IT! - mashed potato, corn, cheese sauce, potato chips on a Hungarian sausage); and the classic chili cheese dog. One word: GAH!!!!!🌭🌭🌭😍 #WickedDogs

This is the #WickedDogsFive sandwich - and they don't have a name for it yet. It's got wanton chips, scallions and hoisin sauce on top of the frank🌭, and it comes with kropek and sweet chili sauce on the side. I'd call it the Go Chiu It Dog... (or fine, you can call it the Crunchy Dragon 🐉) 😜 Such a fun place! CHECK IT!

Since we were in the area - a mini-crawl came about. Poqui poqui, dinakdakan, and this bagnet binagoongan.🐷 No rice.🍚 O ha!😂 #BalaiIlocos#BFHomes

And to end with a bang: the mighty desserts of #Milkbox over at Alabang Town Center, pare.😜 For you fans of #SunnySideCafe in #Boracay - this is the sister house of eating sin.😂 Yes, throw caution to the wind here and CHECK IT!

pumpkin spice and red velvet ice cream waffle sundae. 

Yes. Not for dieters, this place.😂 Welcome to our radar, #Milkbox!