BGC Eats 2014

I started my company, Pinoy Eats World, on a premise – how could I make getting together through food more meaningful and fun?

(Basically I wanted my foot in the door of the local food world without having to open a restaurant. Hehe!)

The first nugget that popped into my head was to take people on food tours. I started with Hong Kong, the nearest out of the country destination frequented by us Pinoys. I’ve always had a fascination with this place – with it’s monolithic buildings and energy – and the FOOD.. oh God the food.. was always fantastic. There was just one problem – most people I knew, including mine, were stuck eating in the same places for years. Nothing wrong with familiarity, but I knew for fact that there was so much more to the city than established places – yes, like you Yung Kee, and Spring Deer and Maxim’s. I tip my hat to them out of respect, and I’m still a fan, but there were too many other joints to explore.

Mind Mover & Scientist, Artha Ting of The Mind Museum
Mind Mover & Scientist, Artha Ting of The Mind Museum

So I took a notebook and a camera and got lost in the concrete jungle. What I unearthed were such gems that I never really thought of going to until I decided to just go for it, tossing my Pinoy “hiya” out the window.

That was three years or more ago. Since then I’ve done Hong Kong a couple of times, Bangkok twice, and helped with my partners for Pampanga several times, and even Turkey.

This October I’m doing Tokyo, and next year more of Japan, a new one of Singapore, and other locations – hopefully even local ones like Bacolod, Davao, and Bicol.

I have some much nearer to home, of course! In Metro Manila, there’s something close to my heart that I do called BGC Eats. I do these little tours in cooperation with the Bonifacio Arts Foundation – and they’re always fun.

As someone who lives and plays in BGC, I take people to places that I like to frequent, meet and engage the owners and chefs, and chat about what’s going on in the city.

This year the legs of the tour were given a bit of a twist --- they were themed, and each corresponding theme came with a guest co-host – experts in their respective fields – who I could banter with, ask questions from, and generally bounce energy and ideas with.

Locusts in jello, anyone?
Locusts in jello, anyone?

So far we’ve done “The Science Of Food” with Artha Ting, Mind Mover/scientist from The Mind Museum; “Food Photography” with Mylene Chung, food photographer and creative mind of; “Drink Pairings” with Bel Castro, professor at Enderun; and finally “Eating Healthy When Eating Out” with Denise Celdran of Edgy Veggy.

What I love most about this? I love seeing the faces of people when they learn something new. Actually most of the time I was right along with them there learning things too. I have this silly little notion that if people in general opened their minds to stuff, opened up to learning and to the endless possibilities, then perhaps our food scene can progress even more than it already has.

New cafe alert! Crisp!
New cafe alert! Crisp!

In the meantime, did you know that cooked eggs can be uncooked? Or that depth of field matters in taking food pics? Or that salt removes bitterness in coffee? Or that eating your fruits BEFORE you eat the meal is better because you absorb all its nutrients? So much to learn, so little time.

The food scene is in constant motion, with concepts from all over popping up like third wave coffee joints. And that’s always a good thing to satisfy whatever it is you’re jonesing for.

Popped and Loaded

As we greet the sun kissed months, the ever morphing local restaurant scene seems to be getting THAT much more interesting.

Like, for example, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a place like the vaunted International House Of Pancakes (that’s IHOP to you, bud) would show up on our shores. A US diner chain in the middle of urban BGC, with people queuing up for hours to eat there is absolutely crazy! (Have you lined up yet? Because I haven’t. haha!)

And for that matter, how crazy is it that US West Coast burger giant In-N-Out went and did a one-day test run to dip their toes in our food obsessed waters? Considering that they’ve gone on record saying that they hardly have plans of expansion in the US, that they bothered showing up in Southeast Asia at all is just a bit shocking (they did this stunt in Singapore and Hong Kong as well).


Many more chains are popping up like mushrooms: Cold Stone Creamery, Saboten, Paul Patisserie – all just around the bend.

Not that I’m complaining, of course. Bring it on, chain restaurants – Manila is a hot place to be now (literally and figuratively!)

It’s a really interesting time to be a diner in Manila – many new local joints are popping up as well, with some of them pushing dining into new directions, which is fantastic for the dining community. Check out spanking new places like VASK and Grace Park.

Speaking of “popping up”, just last night, I found myself in a pop-up concept in Salcedo Village. My buddy Jeremy “The Delicious In Mr. Delicious” Slagle just texted me saying he had extra seats to this event by a group that called themselves Pop Up Manila, so I jumped at the chance. The pop-up restaurant, in case you haven’t read about it yet, is basically a restaurant within a restaurant: a cook, often one without his/her own place yet, takes over another restaurant’s kitchen on it’s quieter night, cooking his/her brand of food.

Yes, we are goofballs - but that just makes us fun!

Does that make sense? Well, let me just say it’s pretty fun.

The people behind this – Erwan Heussaf (who doubled as the waiter. Saan ka pa?!), Dee Jae Pa’este (well, that’s his Twitter handle..haha!) and some members of the Concepcion family (Michael, is that you behind this?) – hooked up with young chef Bruce Ricketts (yes, he’s related to Ronnie..) formerly of the now defunct Robot and currently of his own place called Sensei Sushi in BF Homes. The food concept: Latin American via Vietnam.

Did you get that? Again, let me just say it’s pretty fun. Mind you - it’s not the time and place to expect haute cuisine. No, son, you come here to enjoy the ride.

Called Barba Cua, they decked out this small Thai restaurant along Valero with DIY attitude: South American posters, sombreros, rice paddy farmer’s hats, and ukuleles – and presented a cool little menu of small plates – perfect for sharing.

Being the adventurous peeps that we were, of course we just proceeded to order most of the menu (research, my friend. All in the name of research.)

Besides, the small plates concept – like tapas with international flair – is a great way to eat without feeling like you’re going to rip your jeggings.

A lapu lapu ceviche type thang came with little cubes of watermelon, crab, citrus bits and fresh dill.

Shredded oxtail and lengua rode in on a slightly greasy garbanzo based tortilla and topped with salsa verde and pickles. This was one of the tastiest stuff we ate. High on fat it seemed too (which may explain why it was so good.)

Some rolled and fried bits of pig head, topped with a little salad and some pig ear bits, was quite over the top. Did we like it? Well of course! Wouldn’t you?? But this was the kind of food that you could only eat a few bites of, and it begged for an ice cold beer which unfortunately was not available. (They had a cocktail menu instead – which I think could have used a bit more booze. Apparently I can be a lush too.. heehee!)

Kulit mo, Mr. Delicious.
Piggy in all it's glory

The slightly more virtuous smoked tofu came with a nice “relish” of cauliflower, raisins, carrots and other veg in a nuoc nam (fish sauce) based dressing and would’ve been great with rice, with the other vegetarian offering crispy tamales (more like a veggie and quesong puti taco of sorts) being equally tasty as well.

Virtuous? Nah...

A steak and eggs with black garlic, and an avocado sauce was good – something every meat loving Pinoy will take to like a moth to a flame – but it was the lone starch dish of rice cooked in what was probably crab stock and topped with uni and prawns that took it all home. All in all, pretty loverly stuff.

For the meat lovers in the house!

Considering that this was probably a bitch to pull off (when we do dinner events like this with Pinoy Eats World, my body definitely takes a beating!), I gotta hand it to their team for producing a fun, let down your hair sort of evening. I had no expectations whatsoever – which is probably the frame of mind you want to have entering events like this. The food was pretty good, the room was pretty vibrant, there were lots of celeb sightings (well, Anne and Solenn, plus fashion icon and provocateur Rajo), and my company was great. (A side note: Rajo introduced me to Solen, and she said she remembered me!!! Of course, I don't think we've ever met. I would've remembered by now. Sorry Erwan. You probably get this all the time.haha!)

I can’t think of a better way to close out the weekend. The Manila Pop Up guys and gals throw a great experience our way – just the kind of thing this town needs more of. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have up their sleeve.

Pop Up Manila is on Twitter. Follow them at @PopUpManila to find out about their next gig. Pareng Erwan said sometime in April - wait for their announcement!