I Huffed and Puffed

Something I made for Pepper.ph made it to the The Huffington Post! Woohoo! That's me on #8!

Turn A Cheap Packet Of Instant Ramen Into A Gourmet Meal

The Huffington Post  | By Kate Bratskeir

At less than one buck per package, instant ramen noodles are anything but upscale. For the intelligent unpretentious, this fact matters not. The cheap eats are a great addition to hearty soups, stir fries and recipes that call for an al dente crunch.

You've seen ramen burgerstacos and pizza -- too-trendy specialties that, we'd argue,have gone a bit overboard. We enjoy our instant ramen dishes for their their taste, not their novelty factor. These perfectly satisfying recipes below boast tons of flavor and innovation, while still maintaing their dignity.

Photo by: Mylene Chung

Photo by: Mylene Chung

Let the games begin:  

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