Montaditos Y Mas

Because our dinner plans failed tonight, some of my crew wound up here: the unlikeliest place to hang out in - a kind of secret spot with cold drinks, good grub and vibe:  Montaditos Y Mas over at Kapitolyo above Taco Vengo.❤️ It's something you have to find but will reward you with your persistence. It feels like you're in someone's cool looking living room - a place where you just want to let your hair down and chill.🤘🏼

This is Chelu, one of the partners behind #MontaditosyMas -- find him when you find the restaurant. He's the man with the plan.

These croquetas are quite imaginative - and they're also really delicious: octopus in squid ink on the left, and "chicken and egg" on the right. They're creamy and they pop in your mouth - the bechamel base was proper.

Gambas ala plancha - grilled shrimp, coarse salt and lemon. A must

This is a Montaditos -- Spanish for small sandwich. It's a roll stuffed with shrimp cooked in garlic, on top of celery and lettuce tossed in their special sauce. It makes for a tasty snack or as part of a selection to round out a meal.

A flavor packed 6 hour pork belly roast, amped up by a sauce using North African spice base ras al hanout. People should use this spice more - it's amazing!

Sometimes all you want to end your meal is a small sweet treat. These tiny churros fit the bill perfectly! I'm pretty sure many of you haven't gone hunting for this Pasig restaurant gem yet - it's truly worth seeking. Plop down on a chair, order some grub and a pitcher of white sangria, and engage in an activity sometimes lost in this day of digital communications: a good conversation. I'll definitely be back.