Oyasumi Ramen

So on this rainy day I was brought to this one year old neighborhood ramen joint along P. Guevarra called #OyasumiRamen - and it's fuuuuuuun! 

I had a bowl of XO ramen with dried scallops and chashu --- it so hit the spot!❤️ Noodles were firm, soup was rich but not overly so. 🍜


Tomato based ramen is another tasty spin 🍜


Today's ramen revelation - I coveted this bowl: Shio butter ramen with scallops and a killer clam broth base. Spicy, clean and "healthy" even. LOVE. 


Even gyoza was a winner.


If you don't finish your ramen broth, you can ask them to make it into this: cheese risotto.❤️

Meet the gents behind #OyasumiRamen -- Martin & Miguel Ledesma. They've take a very Japanese approach to their ramen: they just want to express themselves. Go pay em a visit, peeps - it's a fun joint and the food is great! 


Today's lunch crew at #OyasumiRamen ❤️ Thanks for taking us here @davidong 🍜