This Union

I must say, this December 2015 has been all about taking leaps of faith for me. As a lot of you close to me know, music has always been a great passion of mine - so I took a leap again a few months ago by forming a new band -- after years of not being in one -- called This Union. For my annual Christmas "mix tape" gift, I decided to actually record something and share it because well -- we share music, right? It's a bit of a raw recording, and it ain't perfect, but it's a start: a cover from a band I stumbled upon called The Majical Cloudz (forgive the spelling. haha!). I'm putting us up to all sorts of judgement -- if you don't like it, don't tell me. HAHA! But I sincerely hope you do. Here's to making - and listening to, and sharing! - more music. Merry Christmas all, and peace be with you!! smile emoticon (PS This is for all the people I've taken my musical journey with: the collaborators, the songwriters, the ones I've followed and admired.. thank you for all the music that fills my life)